Through his presentation, Jordan uses his personal story to encourage the audience to find out where their greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.

This is a group of 39 schools coming together to collaborate and transform their learning community by taking responsibility for training their teams to effectively implement MAP data.

The workshop shares the actual experiences that are transforming our schools through the creation of a new kind of community. The Elementary School of AIS Vienna, the Mukwashi Trust School in Zambia, and Bridges of Peace and Hope are building a sustainable partnership that is changing the lives of those involved.

The session will explore how inquiry and creative thinking can be enhanced through a collaborative learning environment. Furthermore, it will showcase how learning communities can be built around a shared reading experiences.

Research consistently shows that service learning projects, if designed with the student's learning and impact on the community in mind, yield incredible dividends, by increasing empathy, sparking deep learning and allowing students to recognize their own agency in tackling real-world issues.

This workshop will offer participants a tangible way transform their classroom and school into a vibrant, inclusive community by fostering and celebrating grit and resilience.

Educators will have a better understanding of how to use a daily news show to build a sense of community in their schools.

This session uses the tools, dispositions, and strategies of learning communities and applies them to transform a widely used practice into something more meaningful and lasting.

This is a practical workshop that helps you put in action online tools and apps proven to bring relevance to the curriculum. It also teaches you communication patterns that nurture adaptive classroom and child's natural curiosity.

This workshop will focus on the concept of using classroom traditions as an avenue toward creating and co-facilitating a positive learning community within the classroom.

Participants will take an active role in looking deeply at the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts and how they can be used as a thinking tool for students.

This workshop will inform participants of ways in which to connect and utilize professional communities within schools and outside of schools in the support of student’s individual needs, including special needs and extended learning.

This workshop will focus on the concept of using classroom traditions as an avenue toward creating and co-facilitating a positive learning community within the classroom.

In helping design the responsibilities, expectations, and academics of a classroom, students are given a pathway to becoming more engaged with the life of a school.

The session focuses on a transformative approach to building community with students at the beginning of the year. The information presented will not be something that is the norm in most schools.

The session focuses on a transformative approach to building community with students at the beginning of the year. The information presented will not be something that is the norm in most schools.

Participants will understand the rationale for using the instructional coaching model to support improved pedagogy and how the coaching model can be adapted to fit the unique needs of the school and/or specific groups of teachers.

This workshop perceives schools as communities that should respond to global changes by analysing and managing their systems of values and beliefs.

An EC teacher will guide participants in developing and enhancing their understandings of the role of assessment and documentation in the early years.

The goal of this workshop is to engage with and process a persistent argument so that participants can experience a shift in understanding and collaboration.

Educators will have a better understanding of how to use a daily news show to build a sense of community in their schools.

This presentation will reveal the action research two teachers conducted while teaching at QSI Minsk during the spring of 2016.

Using case studies participants will learn how shared learning experiences can be used to establish and sustain professional learning communities that span from kindergarten to grade 12.

The purpose of the language variation unit is to deconstruct the notion of monolithic language. By exposing students to language variation, students will see the diversity of language.

During this workshop, teachers of all subjects will be introduced to a variety of inquiry-based questioning techniques.

The session will give a brief overview into the Kagan Cooperative Learning and teachers will leave with five instructional strategies to use in their classrooms tomorrow.

If you’ve heard the terms AR and VR but don’t really know what they mean or how they can enrich the learning experiences of your students, then this session is for you.

This session puts students at the center and offers them the opportunity to take an idea they are passionate about and get their local community to start a discussion ultimately igniting action from their ideas.

This session will review the key findings in What Works for Women at Work by Joan C. Williams and provide opportunities to discuss how the patterns Williams identifies and strategies she recommends play out in different cultures. Both women and men are invited to participate in this workshop.

Learn to co-construct social identities in a Reggio Emilia, Remida-inspired way. Identifying with repurposed/reuse materials as a community practice develops a sustainable attitude and disposition toward school transformation.

This workshop will highlight the skills we need to embrace to help things go right, as opposed to needing to correct what is wrong.

This invitation-only workshop is extended to all school directors, principals and assistant principals and department chairs.

This introductory workshop will provide an overview of the skills necessary in developing and facilitating efficacious, thoughtful collaborative groups.

This workshop will expand your repertoire of skills to facilitate difficult conversations.

Explore a variety of visual narrative presentations of documentation of children's learning in Reggio-inspired settings. Develop strategies to make children's learning visible. Apply observation and assessment skills to set up communication systems for sharing about children's learning.

Setting intentions affects everyone involved in a classroom and school community. This session will demonstrate the power of community building through intentional practices.

An individual school’s safeguarding and child protection policy, and set of procedural guidelines, should provide a strong foundation for any effective safeguarding system.

Like all other educational establishments, International Schools have a duty of care to their students.

Field trips undertaken either locally or internationally are generally classified as constituting higher levels of potential risk when compared to activities undertaken within a school.

This session will provide contextual information related to safer recruitment and its correlation with safeguarding and child protection.

Discussion of the research into behavioral domains for life success, including practical ways to decide which specific behavioral components, skills and outcomes can be targeted for strategic development.

What are the teacher skills for a successful student advisory experience? What methods help the process of advisory and ensure making personal connections with students?

How do you build and sustain a community of learners?

How do you make sure the pedagogy is “right” first, defined by the community?

How do you lead innovation with technology when you’ve not got ‘leader’ in your job title?

This session will introduce to you the key structure, process, and tools that are required to ensure a comprehensive change implementation plan.

Join me for a very interactive session where we will enhance your leadership skills by improving your knowledge of how to engage and create the environment for motivation.

Want to learn how to improve meeting or class facilitation and interject with dynamic collaboration?

Learn and discuss some of the unique challenges facing women and men leaders as well as proven strategies for surmounting those challenges.

Professional learning communities provide a strong framework for creating a 21st century learning environment in schools.

Based on his book recently published by Solution Tree, Dr. Tim Stuart makes the case for professional learning communities in high-performing international schools.

This session will provide resources and personal perspectives on the change process. Honest insight will be provided along with plans for the future.

CEESA will be the FIRST European viewing of the documentary film of the change process at Singapore American School.

The session focuses on the three key protective factors common to virtually all the research conducted in the past few decades.

This part of our program offers a survey of theory and research, while exploring a variety of movements that serve to engage and enhance the brains of children, teens and, yes, even adults.

Teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers and parents will take away great information, the latest research, and tools that can be immediately applied in supporting adolescent development.

In this presentation the specific practices associated with mindfulness states are explored, along with the relationship between positive changes that can occur in both the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

This clinic discusses character traits that determine success and growth in our student- athletes.

This session will be interactive and discuss three of the top issues that coaches and teachers face with their students and student-athletes today.

This session will enhance your team’s, teachers and communities pride, energy, and passion to work together and more effectively.

This session examines why stepping up to exceptional leadership is so critical and important as educators in today’s world.