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Monday, 27 February 2017 10:50

MAP: See Behind The Scenes of the Certified Facilitator Program by Lance Atchison and Philip Weirich

This is a group of 39 schools coming together to collaborate and transform their learning community by taking responsibility for training their teams to effectively implement MAP data.

Since 2012, QSI has participated in NWEA's Certified Facilitator Program allowing the organization to have internal MAP trainers. This program has allowed QSI to conduct hundreds of internal MAP trainings for their staff. Come learn how this PD initiative has transformed their ability to take MAP data to the next level.

Lance Atchison

lance atchison

Lance Atchison graduated in 2000 with a BS in Integrated Marketing Communications from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

Upon graduation he began his professional career in radio and television with Clear Channel Communications. Highlights included sound operation, camera operation, production, and on-air talent. In summer 2001 Lance join LAN International as an Implementation Specialist, traveling the country updating computer software for radio stations.

In August 2005 after a near fatal car wreck, Lance left his career and moved to Mariupul, Ukraine. There he worked as a House Parent and Mentor to Ukrainian orphans in a Transitional Living Center. The goal was to teach and prepare the children, who recently graduated from the orphanage, for independently living as adults upon completion of trade school. During his three years, Lance worked with hundreds of orphans and even began a weekly Bible study at the local orphanage. It was during these weekly Bible lessons he met a boy who would later become his son.

After marrying in 2009, Lance and his wife had to unexpectedly return to the US in 2009. It was upon his return Lance landed a role as Implementation Specialist at Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). With his recent overseas experience, Lance became one of two specialist dedicated to NWEA’s international partners. If you’re an international school that uses MAP, it is likely Lance was your implementation specialist. In 2012, Lance joined the international team and NWEA and now serves as the Account Executive for Eastern Europe (CEESA) and Asia (EARCOS).

Lance is happily married to Debra Reymundo Atchison and they have 3 adopted children from Ukraine.

Philip Weirich

philip weirich

Philip Weirich is the Curriculum Coordinator for Quality Schools International and manages their MAP Certified Facilitator Program.

He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and has been an international educator for 25 years as a teacher and director in the Middle East. Phil has extensive experience in the Mastery Learning and Performance Based Education models. He currently teaches the online QSI Pre-arrival Orientation course and provides professional development support from the QSI Headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia.