adam carter

In twenty years of international experience, Adam Carter has traveled, worked and studied in over a hundred countries.

bridges of peace and hope

When John Farrell traveled to Vienna to visit the American International School in Vienna in 2015, his songs and work with the organization Bridges of Peace and Hope (BOPH) inspired the community.

alexandru sota

My name is Alexandru Sota and I was born in 1985 in Bucharest, Romania. In 1993, I moved to Bridgeport, CT, USA with my family, where I lived for the following 16 years.

aliza robinson

Aliza Robinson is Head of English and a teacher of MYP and DP English at The American International School of Bucharest.

ana pandelescu

Ana Pandelescu is an early childhood educator that is currently working as an EC3 teacher and learning leader at the American International School of Bucharest.

andras valezy

Andras Valezy graduated from York University in Canada with a B.Ed. and holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum Teaching and Learning from the University of Toronto.

chaya sitler andrew orth

Andrew has been an elementary homeroom teacher for 14 years. Originally from Morton, Illinois Andrew received his BS in Elementary Education from Illinois State University and a MA in Education from SUNY Buffalo.

angela assed

This is Angela’s second year at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.

ben knight

Ben Knight is currently a Grade 5 teacher at AIS Vilnius.

beth pfannl

Dr. Beth Pfannl, ISS Vice President for Administrative Searches and Governance Services, has 30 years of experience in international education.

blake mackesy

Dr. Blake Mackesy is a Assistant Professor at Wilkes University.

bridget mcnamer

Bridget McNamer, Senior Associate, Search Associates.

carol jordan

Carol Jordan is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the American School of Warsaw.

chaya sitler andrew orth

Chaya has been an elementary teacher for the past 16 years. She spent her childhood in the US, Mexico and India. She received her BA from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida and her MA in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama.

debra reymundo atchinson

Debra Reymundo Atchison has been in the educational technology field for 25+ years.

diane baima

My name is Diane Baima and I am from Wisconsin, USA.

dominic carrillo

Dominic Carrillo is a teacher, coach and writer from San Diego, California.


Frances Hensley is one of the founders of the School Reform Initiative (SRI), a national and international professional learning organization that supports the development of professional learning communities in schools.

gergana georgieva

Gergana Georgieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She worked as a teacher for about 17 years.

iain flannery

Iain Flannery is an English Language and Literature teacher at the American College of Sofia.

jaclyn smalley

When I was both a special education and an elementary education teacher, it was a huge priority for me to teach children how to become more independent.

jenni thompson

Jenni Thompson is a School Support and Evaluation Officer with CIS.

jessica martin

Jessica Martin is originally from San Francisco, USA. This is her seventh year teaching the preschool group at the Anglo American School of Sofia.

john ritter

John Ritter, Senior Associate, Search Associates.

jonathan climas

I’m Jonathan Climas, I’m a TCK (Third Culture Kid), born and raised in Hong Kong and recently moved to Bucharest.

jordan hattar

In the Spring of 2012, Jordan Hattar’s professor at California State University Long Beach introduced him to the atrocities occurring in her home country of Syria.

josefino rivera

Josefino has over 9 years of experience in international school settings.

joshua smalley

After teaching in Oregon for four years, I moved overseas with my wife. Since that move, I've taught in Kazakhstan for three years and in Belarus for two years.

judy bleil saruhan

Judy is passionate about learning and sharing communication skills that improve wellbeing, bring awareness to core values and empower individuals to communicate in ways that strengthen relationships and enrich lives, especially in education and parenting.

karim letwinsky

Karim Medico Letwinsky is the Department Chairperson and an Assistant Professor in the Doctoral Department of Educational Leadership at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.

katarzyna baliga

Katarzyna studied a BA in marketing at the Polish Open University, and then an MA in human resources at Jagiellonian University.

katie holloran

Katie Holloran, Clinical Director of International Diagnostic Solutions (IDS), has worked as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and administrator in schools for 17 years.

lance atchison

Lance Atchison graduated in 2000 with a BS in Integrated Marketing Communications from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

liz haske

Liz Haske is the Elementary School Instructional Coach at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.

logan martin

My name is Logan Martin and I am first a spinner of stories and secondly an English teacher.

lynne coleman

Lynne Coleman began teaching in her hometown of Lewiston, Idaho, some 40 years ago. But it was in international schools that her dual passions for learning and adventure took root.

meira gottlieb

Meira Gottlieb is currently a Technology Integrator / Digital Literacy Coach and Digital Arts Teacher in the secondary school at the Anglo-American School of Sofia.

melissa schaub

Melissa Schaub is currently the Director of Curriculum and Instruction as the Anglo-American School of Moscow/St. Petersburg.

meredith pettersch

Meredith Pettersch taught high school math for 14 years in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. before moving to Minsk, Belarus 1.5 years ago to begin an international adventure with her family.

nikki hume

Nikki Hume is originally from Portland, Oregon, USA.

pauline obrien

Pauline O’Brien is the CIS Director of Career & Recruitment Services.

philip weirich

Philip Weirich is the Curriculum Coordinator for Quality Schools International and manages their MAP Certified Facilitator Program.

richard ewing

Dick Ewing is a highly experienced school leader committed to educational excellence.


Shelley Cook graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she received a B.S. degree in Special Education.

susan krumrei

Susan is a former classroom teacher and administrator.

suzanne herbert

Suzanne Herbert has been involved in international education since 1992 and has worked in Asia and Europe.

tim ward

Tim Ward is a five-year veteran of the American College of Sofia where he works in the ELL Department.

tracey ellis

Tracey Ellis, founder and CEO of International Diagnostic Solutions (IDS), is an occupational therapist and disability analyst with degrees from George Washington University and the University of New Hampshire.

tricia quinn

Tricia Quinn is currently working at the Anglo-American School of Sofia as a Secondary Instructional Coach, IB Literature teacher, and sixth grade transition teacher.

troy white

In his eighteen-years as an educator, Troy has worked on four continents and served in a number of roles: from Diploma teacher to grade 6 bilingual generalist.

ty frederickson

Dr. Ty Frederickson is a Visiting Instructor at Wilkes University and a Diploma Program International Baccalaureate educator.

vlatka butkovic

Vlatka holds a Masters Degree in Art History and in English Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.