Friday, 20 January 2017 10:19

Jonathan Climas

jonathan climas

I’m Jonathan Climas, I’m a TCK (Third Culture Kid), born and raised in Hong Kong and recently moved to Bucharest.

I’m from the UK, married to a Canadian and have two wonderful kids. I speak with whatever accent I might be hearing at the time I open my mouth, people find this confusing and can assume I’m from their country until I tell them otherwise. This can go on for up to a year. When I’m not at work I’m with my family or I’ll indulge in some photography, hit the gym or find a very quiet place to sit and read.

I’m currently the PYP SEN Coordinator at AIS Bucharest. I love my job and am extremely fortunate to be working with a large team of exceptional professionals. Working in Learning Support can often be a little lonely, many schools have small teams or even a single person to do the job. It’s a great responsibility so it’s important of having a strong community to support you when you need it and provide fresh ideas. I hope my presentation will provide you with an opportunity to connect with others and perhaps give you some new ideas on how to utilize and build your community further.