Wednesday, 08 February 2017 11:19

Jenni Thompson

jenni thompson

Jenni Thompson is a School Support and Evaluation Officer with CIS.

Jenni initially taught in Australia and briefly in Nigeria before truly beginning her international educational journey in Venezuela. She has wide-ranging experience as a teacher and in administrative positions in schools utilizing inquiry based programs (PYP and IPC) and British and American style curricula in international schools in Venezuela, Belgium, the United States and the Middle East. Jenni has formulated policies and practices for students with learning differences and English language needs and established effective Student Support networks in several schools.

Jenni has also been involved in Admissions – formalizing policies and screening instruments to streamline the process and enhance the information gained pre-entry. Most recently Jenni held the position of Primary Headteacher of a large international school in Saudi Arabia where her focus was to promote international mindedness in young children, equitable, gender neutral access to sport and authentic student  leadership and involvement in service activities.

Jenni has been an advocate for the accreditation process as a vehicle for school improvement throughout her career, visiting schools and working with teachers world-wide. Living in several developing countries has given her an insight into the successful  recruitment and retention of high quality staff.

Her particular interests are in pastoral care, student empowerment and the implementation of curriculum which allows successful access regardless of ability, gender or cultural background.