Tuesday, 07 February 2017 08:59

AIS Vienna, Bridges of Peace and Hope, Mukwashi Trust School

bridges of peace and hope

When John Farrell traveled to Vienna to visit the American International School in Vienna in 2015, his songs and work with the organization Bridges of Peace and Hope (BOPH) inspired the community.

Hearing of Bridges of Peace and Hope's connection with the Mukwashi Trust School in Lusaka, Zambia, AISV decided to begin building a bridge between the two school communities. Over the years and through the work of dedicated teachers Judah Sikamikami and Ms. Mulemba Sakuwaha in Mukwashi and the dedicated BOPH teacher club at AISV together with the Elementary School Student Council, the two school communities have paved the way for greater understanding using creativity, music and a lot of passion. Their work has resulted in a number of collaborative projects from fundraising to a teacher exchange between the two schools. John Farrell, four teachers of the BOPH club from AISV and the two guest teachers Judah and Mulemba from the Mukwashi Trust School are proud to present together about their collaboration as they build bridges across continents.