Friday, 03 February 2017 11:49

Ty Frederickson

ty frederickson

Dr. Ty Frederickson is a Visiting Instructor at Wilkes University and a Diploma Program International Baccalaureate educator.

Dr. Frederickson has extensive experience working in international education in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. He is an experienced advocate for the reduction of human trafficking and forced labor in the Middle East and works to build educational access programs, including technology integration, micro-financing, and livestock distribution, in rural Bangladesh to empower small communities and individuals. Dr. Frederickson has also spent the last fifteen years developing social justice, service learning, and leadership development programs for secondary students. His research interest is focused on the acquisition of leadership identities for students holding positional and non-positional leadership roles in a social justice organization. Additionally, he co-facilitates an International Student Leadership Symposium focusing on the United Nations Millennium Goals, and he conducts school-based diversity workshops designed to support student-led explorations of social justice issues. He currently lives in Kansas, U.S.A. with his wife and two sons..