Friday, 03 February 2017 11:41

Frances Hensley


Frances Hensley is one of the founders of the School Reform Initiative (SRI), a national and international professional learning organization that supports the development of professional learning communities in schools.

Dr. Hensley joined with other educators to create SRI as an organization dedicated to support the transformational learning of the adults in schools that leads to improved student achievement and equitable outcomes.

With degrees in K-8 education and adult education, she has engaged in collaborative learning with elementary, secondary and university teachers in schools across the USA and in international settings including Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City and London.  For more than twenty years, she was a faculty member (Emerita) in the College of Education at the University of Georgia, where she promoted school-university partnerships and collaborations. Prior to her tenure at the University of Georgia, Dr. Hensley directed a regional services program to support teachers and parents of special needs students and taught special needs students in elementary and middle school settings.

Dr. Hensley leads seminars on creating professional learning communities in schools, engaging in collaborative inquiry and developing facilitative leadership in local, regional, national and international settings. She has published various articles and a book related to adult collaboration and learning.

When not traveling the world, she resides in Athens, Georgia with her husband, who is also an educator.