Wednesday, 16 November 2016 08:58

Change Management: Preparing for Major Projects by Mina Merkel

This session will introduce to you the key structure, process, and tools that are required to ensure a comprehensive change implementation plan.

Undertaking large-scale change initiatives like major facilities projects, starting a development/fund raising program, or changes in mission, vision, and statutes take a great deal of planning and time on the part of the board and school administration.

Learn how to assess the overall change implementation capabilities, identifying the strengths to be leveraged, chart the new course, and assess the improvements and the how, and track the changes using the latest in change management techniques.

Mina Merkel

mina merkel

Mina Merkel consults in both private and public sectors in governance and institutional strategic planning; specializing in executive coaching, change management, organizational and leadership development, value stream mapping, training and mentoring programs for boards, leaders, employees, students, parents, faculty and administration.

Mina lived and worked for General Motors in Europe, Asia and South America for over 20 years responsible for large scale, high risk, strategic projects that increased leadership’s effectiveness, lean processing and empowering people in over 55 countries.

Mina currently serves as an officer on the Board of Directors of the Sao Paulo Education Foundation and served on the Boards of Frankfurt International School and Graded, American International School of Sao Paulo, Brasil and consulted as Graded’s Facilities Project Manager during the 2-year planning stages of a complete renovation of their K-12 campus.

Mina designed and facilitated governance conferences for the Association of American Schools in Brasil, the Association for American Schools in South America (AASSA) and the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS). Mina taught a postgraduate level course in Change Management at Temple University in Tokyo, Japan and is currently working with Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala and Qatar University in Doha.

She co-developed the Tokyo Chapter of a global non- government organization, Room to Read, an organization that builds schools and provides scholarships to girls. The Merkels have been customers of the International Schools system whose children completed their entire education in international schools.