Friday, 03 March 2017 08:56

Help4Refugees Project by Jordan Hattar

Through his presentation, Jordan uses his personal story to encourage the audience to find out where their greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.

Following one’s heart is a popular piece of career advice. But how does anyone do it? Follow Jordan Hattar’s story, which took him from southern California to South Sudan, from college classes in California to a Syrian refugee camp, and from the University of Cambridge on to the White House. His story demonstrates the importance of persistence, educating oneself on global issues, and following-up on one’s dream of making a difference.

Jordan Hattar

jordan hattar

In the Spring of 2012, Jordan Hattar’s professor at California State University Long Beach introduced him to the atrocities occurring in her home country of Syria.

Although Jordan did not know a single person in Syria, the testimonies by his professor drew him to care. As a result, Jordan founded Help 4 Refugees and followed his heart by traveling to the country of Jordan in the Fall of 2012.