Friday, 20 January 2017 10:26

A Meaningful Menagerie: Documentation in the Early Years by Ana Pandelescu

An EC teacher will guide participants in developing and enhancing their understandings of the role of assessment and documentation in the early years.

Portfolios? Work samples? Personal interviews? There is no ONE method to assess and document the dynamic growth and development demonstrated by our youngest learners. Having embarked on a focused journey towards identifying effective, appropriate, and informative methods, Ana will share the AISB's experiences of trial and error, collaborative conversations, and technological experimentation.

Assessment tools and documentation strategies will be shared that have proven both helpful and effective as well as unrealistic and ineffective within our classroom environments. Participants will be actively engaged in discussions with a goal of creating a bank of strategies accessible to all who join in the conversation.

Ana Pandelescu

ana pandelescu

Ana Pandelescu is an early childhood educator that is currently working as an EC3 teacher and learning leader at the American International School of Bucharest.

She is passionate about the field of early childhood education and has recently received her Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education. Ana has spent the past few years emerging herself into the philosophy of the Reggio Emilia approach and holds the strong belief that each child is rich with wonder and knowledge and it is children`s innate curiosity that drives their interest to discover the world around them.

Ana enjoys traveling, skiing in the gorgeous mountains of Romania in the winter and swimming in the Black Sea during the summer.