Monday, 14 November 2016 06:51

Building a Stronger Team by Lynn Kachmarik

This session will enhance your team’s, teachers and communities pride, energy, and passion to work together and more effectively.

What motivates your students, student-athletes and staffs to perform at their best? This session discusses how each individual team member, student and teacher is integral to the success of your community.

What can you do to build and maintain a positive and safe community that supports excellence in a transformative culture?

Lynn Kachmarik

lynn kachmarik

TRUE BRAND SPORTS LLC Founder and Director.

Lynn Kachmarik has been an NCAA DI Coach for 18 years at Bucknell University, NCAA Athletic Director and a Vice President and GM for a Minor League Baseball Team.

Over 45+ years of coaching experience as an age group, high school, collegiate an assistant USA National Water Polo Coach.  Member/captain of the USA Women's National Water Polo Team where she competed in 4 Aquatic World Championships, 8 World Cups and many years of international competitions. Board of Directors for USA Water Polo where she wrote Code of Conducts for coaches, athletes, officials and parents.

Travel the world doing workshops for coaches, parents and students at the youth, high school and collegiate level on character coaching, leadership, grit, caring and so much more. Inducted into 6 Athletic Hall of Fames such as the USA, Collegiate Coach as well as Bucknell University’s Athletic Hall of Fames.