Friday, 20 January 2017 10:34

Learning Support: It Takes Time & A Village by Jonathan Climas

This workshop will inform participants of ways in which to connect and utilize professional communities within schools and outside of schools in the support of student’s individual needs, including special needs and extended learning.

Learning Support teachers can be professionally isolated, particularly in international schools where teams can be small and local resources limited. The number of professionals associated with the field is limited, though growing. This workshop will highlight how schools can tap into the knowledge, skills and connections of the wider community to support students with individual needs. This applies to students with mild to moderate needs, as well as students requiring extension. With the right support these students can flourish, as can the teachers who support them.

By the end of this workshop it is hoped you will walk away with some ideas around connecting with local agencies, the wider international school community and the resources within your own schools.

Jonathan Climas

jonathan climas

I’m Jonathan Climas, I’m a TCK (Third Culture Kid), born and raised in Hong Kong and recently moved to Bucharest.

I’m from the UK, married to a Canadian and have two wonderful kids. I speak with whatever accent I might be hearing at the time I open my mouth, people find this confusing and can assume I’m from their country until I tell them otherwise. This can go on for up to a year. When I’m not at work I’m with my family or I’ll indulge in some photography, hit the gym or find a very quiet place to sit and read.

I’m currently the PYP SEN Coordinator at AIS Bucharest. I love my job and am extremely fortunate to be working with a large team of exceptional professionals. Working in Learning Support can often be a little lonely, many schools have small teams or even a single person to do the job. It’s a great responsibility so it’s important of having a strong community to support you when you need it and provide fresh ideas. I hope my presentation will provide you with an opportunity to connect with others and perhaps give you some new ideas on how to utilize and build your community further.