Teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers and parents will take away great information, the latest research, and tools that can be immediately applied in supporting adolescent development.

The goal of this workshop is to engage with and process a persistent argument so that participants can experience a shift in understanding and collaboration.

In this presentation the specific practices associated with mindfulness states are explored, along with the relationship between positive changes that can occur in both the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Participants will take an active role in looking deeply at the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts and how they can be used as a thinking tool for students.

The purpose of the language variation unit is to deconstruct the notion of monolithic language. By exposing students to language variation, students will see the diversity of language.

Current global events, movies, travel articles, and music provides teachers a unique way to bring the world into the classroom. Students can develop a connection between themselves and the world beyond where they live.

This is a practical workshop that helps you put in action online tools and apps proven to bring relevance to the curriculum. It also teaches you communication patterns that nurture adaptive classroom and child's natural curiosity.

Field trips undertaken either locally or internationally are generally classified as constituting higher levels of potential risk when compared to activities undertaken within a school.

During this workshop, teachers of all subjects will be introduced to a variety of inquiry-based questioning techniques.

Through case study videos, participants in this presentation will learn how to access a consortium of experts in their classrooms and schools in order to deepen their understanding, identify specific skills and deficits in their students, and create effective interventions for their students.

Explore a variety of visual narrative presentations of documentation of children's learning in Reggio-inspired settings. Develop strategies to make children's learning visible. Apply observation and assessment skills to set up communication systems for sharing about children's learning.

This session uses the tools, dispositions, and strategies of learning communities and applies them to transform a widely used practice into something more meaningful and lasting.

This clinic discusses character traits that determine success and growth in our student- athletes.

If you’ve heard the terms AR and VR but don’t really know what they mean or how they can enrich the learning experiences of your students, then this session is for you.

This session examines why stepping up to exceptional leadership is so critical and important as educators in today’s world.

This session will review the key findings in What Works for Women at Work by Joan C. Williams and provide opportunities to discuss how the patterns Williams identifies and strategies she recommends play out in different cultures. Both women and men are invited to participate in this workshop.

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