In this full day workshop, based on the groundbreaking work of “The Arbinger Institute”, participants  will make surprising discoveries about themselves and their effectiveness as educators.  They will also learn to apply a number of frameworks that will significantly improve their own effectiveness and position their schools to achieve breakthrough results.  Participants will receive a workshop handbook as well as a copy of Arbinger’s bestselling book, “Leadership and Self-Deception”, which has sold over 1.5 million copies.

This half day Pre-Conference session is part of the "Early Years Teachers" Job-A-Like.

Greg will lead participants through an interactive process of re-envisioning. This session will follow the many of the process outlined in the book, Leading Modern Learning:  A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools (Greg Curtis and Jay McTighe: Solution Tree, 2015).

“So much of life and work is overly structured that it doesn’t give us, or our ideas, the room to run and grow freely. By contrast, the unstructured, high-energy environment of the unConference amplifies ideas,” quotation of one of last year's attendee of the unConference.

This pre-conference institute highlights the interrelationship between pre-established Criteria for Success, the development of mastery behavior in support of learning targets, the collection of evidence of student learning and descriptive feedback tied to mastery of the work.

This session will be interactive as we examine the essentials of the Focus on Learning self-study and the many ways it can be adapted to a school’s situation.

This workshop is focused on supporting colleagues in international schools who deal with issues of cross-cultural communication every day. This is an endlessly fascinating subject of crucial importance in international schools seeking to nurture genuine global citizens.