Monday, 16 November 2015 09:05

Documenting Children's Learning by Anne van Dam

This half day Pre-Conference session is part of the "Early Years Teachers" Job-A-Like.

The ability to document children's learning is a pivotal skill for early childhood educators. Through careful observation, thoughtful interpretation and intentional planning, teachers support individual children and their learning communities with their next steps in learning. During this this workshop the different methods to gather information will be discussed.

There will be an emphasis on deciding on how to use this data to inform future learning. Pedagogical documentation, developed as a way to make teaching and learning visible to others and to research our practice alongside children will be explored through examples, videos, articles an dialogue among participants. 

Anne van Dam


Anne van Dam, Bachelor of Education, Assistant Principal Primary at the International School of Zug and Luzern.

Education has been my passion for more than 20 years. I have worked alongside children and educators in schools in Rotterdam, Shanghai, Singapore and Switzerland. Since 2000, I have taken on various positions in schools, combining teaching with leadership responsibilities. I used to work at the Canadian International School (Singapore) where I was part of the team that took the school to IB authorization in 2005. I have been an IB workshop leader since 2005, sharing my passion for young children with educators in IB schools. As a PYP visiting team member, I tremendously enjoy supporting schools with the implementation of the IB PYP framework.

I joined EtonHouse International Pre-School in August 2007, drawn to the school for its vision to establish early childhood education centered on young children’s competencies in making meaning and building relationships. At EtonHouse, I combined teaching with the responsibilities of the PYP coordinator. In June 2008, I became the Director of this school.

In August 2011, I moved back to Europe and took on the responsibility of Assistant Principal at the International School of Zug and Luzern. At ISZL, I supported the development of a new vision for the teaching and learning in the early years. This direction places a strong emphasis on relationships, play, learning environments (both inside and outside) and on making teaching and learning visible to others.

A recent move back to the Netherlands has given me the opportunity to work with the PYP development team at the IB regional office in The Hague. I still work for the IB as a workshop leader and workshop developer and collaborate with schools as an independent educational consultant.