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“Who we are”

This project was part of the first PYP unit “Who we are”. After learning Happy Birthday in many different languages and…

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Students in French class!

The P7 French learners created their own games and songs to help them retain the language learned


AISV opens a new Lower School building 

AISV opens a new Lower School building Published: AISV opens a purpose-built Lower School near Vilnius’s old town very near the current Upper School campus.  The

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Living On Kyiv Time

It doesn’t matter if it is 11:30 in Delhi, 11:00 in Tashkent or 7:00 in London – for us, it is 9:00, because we are all living on Kyiv Time and that is when school starts for us.

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Where We Are in Place and Time

P4 students and teachers love to make the most of our learning environment to engage in and inspire inquiry.