Celebrating Community and Compassion: Highlights from the PSI Rodyna Spring Family Brunch

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Nikita Vasyliev


At Pechersk School International (PSI Kyiv), we recognise that education goes beyond the classroom walls. We take pride in not only fostering academic excellence but also in cultivating a strong sense of community amongst our students, parents, and staff. Our dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment truly sets us apart.

Recently, the PSI Rodyna Spring Family Brunch, expertly organised by the devoted #PSIKyiv Parent Teacher Association team, proved to be a resounding success. This achievement was made possible thanks to the active participation and unwavering support of our students, parents, teachers, and esteemed members of the Board of Governors. Join us as we explore the impressive outcomes and heartwarming highlights of this beloved event.

Community Spirit in Action

The enthusiastic engagement of all attendees contributed to making the event a cheerful and meaningful occasion. Through our collective efforts, we fostered a strong sense of belonging and shared the values of social responsibility and empathy with our students.

Fundraising Success

A total of USD 13,900 was raised through the live auction, demonstrating the incredible generosity of our community. Additionally, silent lots garnered 202,500 UAH, further illustrating our community’s commitment to supporting worthy causes.

Making a Difference

The proceeds from the event will directly benefit Mikhalyk, a 7-month-old child, as part of our student-led CAS project at the Dacha Center. A prompt transfer of 134,459 UAH was made to the designated fund, ensuring immediate support for Mikhalyk’s needs.

Sustaining Impact

The remaining funds will be allocated towards ongoing and future projects and activities for our students, ensuring transparency and accountability to our community. This sustained support will continue to promote unity, kindness, and mercy within our school community.

The PSI Rodyna Spring Family Brunch exemplified the power of community coming together to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved for their unwavering support and commitment to our shared values of compassion and unity. Together, we are making a meaningful impact that resonates far beyond our school walls.

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