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P6 students were very enthusiastic in this week.

A Framework for Innovation in Education by: Sonny Magana Foreword by: Robert J. Marzano

Announcing the PSI4Good Campaign (#PSI4Good)

Dyslexia doesn’t usually look how we think it will.

As Kyiv International School continues to operate only online, we continue to find ways to build and support our Kozak Nation.

Creating a Culture Where All Teachers Improve so That All Students Succeed

Using digital tools to effectively support well-being and learning in PYP and other inquiry-based programs

Briefly summarizes the journey through this incredibly rewarding (and substantial!) project that is now more representative of where we are in place and time at our school.

This project was part of the first PYP unit "Who we are". After learning Happy Birthday in many different languages and...

What makes a good school? The quality of a school goes beyond its name, location, or reputation.

The P7 French learners created their own games and songs to help them retain the language learned

AAIE is proud to share the Margaret Sanders Undergraduate Scholarship: deadline to apply is November 15, 2022.

Seven years ago I was living in Thailand when a colleague and I were discussing our school’s upcoming public International Day Fair.

A Student’s Reflection on ASWfor Ukraine Initiative Published:70 years ago, 8000 km away from ASW, a war started on the Korean Peninsula. …

AISV opens a new Lower School building Published: AISV opens a purpose-built Lower School near Vilnius’s old town very near the current …

A Call for Inclusive Language in Science Classes Published: ISB is committed to a community-wide learning journey, throughout which we hope to …

Put the You in YouTube

Continuing Our Commitment to Sustainability

It doesn’t matter if it is 11:30 in Delhi, 11:00 in Tashkent or 7:00 in London – for us, it is 9:00, because we are all living on Kyiv Time and that is when school starts for us.

P4 students and teachers love to make the most of our learning environment to engage in and inspire inquiry.

Eight teams of teachers competed in Budapest for the annual slowpitch tournament!

“Who we are”

This project was part of the first PYP unit “Who we are”. After learning Happy Birthday in many different languages and…

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Living On Kyiv Time

It doesn’t matter if it is 11:30 in Delhi, 11:00 in Tashkent or 7:00 in London – for us, it is 9:00, because we are all living on Kyiv Time and that is when school starts for us.

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TEDxYouth Returns to Tashkent IS

After a 3-year absence due to the pandemic, TIS was able to host its second TEDxYouth @TashkentIntlSchool on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Apoorva Panda, a grade 11 DP student, helped organize the event as part of her CAS project.

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Whole School Art Exhibition

Mid May TISA had whole school art exhibition! There was a real feeling of community as students shared their artwork and songs, dancing and acting with friends and families.

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Grade Sustainability “Make and Take”

Sustainability in today’s world is one of the most important concepts we can teach. As part of our Science and Sustainability Curriculum Learning Team, grade levels from across all sections of the school have been planning units of inquiry centered around the UN Sustainable Development Learning Goals, creating sustainability as a meaningful thread throughout the whole school.

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Personalized Projects in MYP Design

One of PSI’s strategic plan goal areas is ‘Personalized’. In response to our aspirations to innovate in this regard, teachers have been adding various types of personalization to classes. For example, this spring in MYP Design, we have decided to offer a fully personalized final project.

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Commitment to a Holistic Education

ISB’s commitment to developing programs that support a holistic education is an essential component of our curriculum. Academics, sports and CCA’s, social and emotional learning, student leadership and service are at the core of ISB’s learning program. Within that framework, we look to implement value-added programs that benefit all learners through choice, agency and the development of 21st-century skills (the IB’s Approaches to Learning).

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Creating Content for a Global Audience

Highlighting the important connections between athletics and academics was one of the goals of the Globetrottin ADs Student Athlete Leadership Conference but there were a whole lot more. This conference was a chance for student athletes who focus more on academics than athletics to use their passions in more of an academic atmosphere.

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Conservation Museum at TISA

P5 students prepared museum exhibits to teach others about a living thing.

Museum visitors learned about adaptations that helped the living thing survive in their biomes and habitats, how their living thing helped maintain balance in their environment and threats to the living thing.

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