Childhood Cancer Crusaders’ Outreach Club at Tashkent IS

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Tashkent IS

The TIS Cancer crusader’s is a student-led club that aims to support child cancer patients by helping local children’s hospitals. The key words are “student-led club.” Schools can’t teach outreach, but they can facilitate, or at their best inspire their students to take action.

The club members spread awareness of childhood cancer, raise funds to support research and other events, meet and play with young cancer patients, and discuss cancer-related issues with different international schools to suggest possible solutions.

Led by 25 members from grades 9-12, including two dedicated senior leaders, Khwahish S., President, and Abdul Rahman A., Vice-President, the club became official partners with Ezgu Amal, Shaping Foundations, and the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Students also made connections with an Indian Cancer Foundation to help and support the children. Mr. Walid Berrahal, teacher supervisor of the club said, “Our President, Khwahish, is an incredible leader, and I’m truly inspired by all the club’s members.”

Since the beginning of the school year in August, TIS Cancer Curesaders, have collected over 10,270,000 soum (over $917 US) through bake sales and cash donations. The toy drive collection for the winter holidays had an estimated value of over 7,000,000 soum ($625 US). All of these proceeds were donated to the Ezgu Amal, a non-profit organization approved by the Republic of Uzbekistan.

For more information about our club, check out our website or visit our Instagram page @childhoodcancercuresaders_

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