Wind Tuesday & Earth Tuesday at TISA

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Last week on March 9th, TISA celebrated Wind Tuesday! On that Tuesday the soil and earth were believed to warm up and flowers to raise their heads.

The cold and warm winds blowing on Wind Tuesday signal the coming spring; the slumbering wind has woken up, starts blowing and stirs water and fire. 

The changing nature of the wind during the day is perceived as the wind cleansing itself. Four different winds (Khazri, Gilavar, White and Black) that regularly blow and sleep underground come together and awaken nature.

On Wind Tuesday, Azerbaijani people traditionally make bonfires in their yards and recite the special “Yel baba” poem whilst making a wish under a willow tree.

Our Primary and Secondary students have made videos about Wind Tuesday.

The fabulous Wind Tuesday illustration was made by M4 student Anastasia Dickerson.

For Primary video click here.

For Secondary video click here.

And this week on March 16th TISA celebrated Earth Tuesday (Torpaq Çərşənbəsi) which is also known as Last Tuesday. Earth Tuesday differs from the others in its importance and grandeur. That Tuesday is not just any holiday, it is Azerbaijan’s favourite and most important day of the year, when people are expected to demonstrate the best of their characteristics – benevolence, hospitality and humanity.

Earth Tuesday involves a wide range of games and ancient rituals. Girls secretly eavesdrop on conversations inside neighbours’ houses. If the conversation they hear is positive, then their wishes will come true.

People believe that everyone must celebrate the Earth Tuesday in their own home, otherwise they will celebrate Novruz away from home for 7 years.

Families prepare a xonça, a festive tray filled with nuts and sweets. They place a səməni in the middle of the tray filled with painted eggs, a variety of nuts and traditional pastries.

Candles should be lit in every house for each member of the family, which is a sign of unity. Each family member chooses a candle and makes a wish and whoever’s candle burns the longest will have their wish come true.

Aida Bayramli (M1) and Ulkar Aslanova (M3) have prepared a video about Earth Tuesday. Please click here to watch it.

The fabulous “Wind Tuesday” and “Earth Tuesday” illustrations were made by Anastasia Dickerson (M4).

"Wind Tuesday" by Anastasia Dickerson
"Earth Tuesday" by Anastasia Dickerson
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