Monday, 08 June 2015 10:48

AISBucharest International Festival

This year’s International Festival, like the ones before it, was a fantastic success.

Saturday, May 23rd brought over 1,000 visitors to AISBucharest to celebrate cultural diversity. With over 30 country tables, our visitors enjoyed the day playing national games, winning prizes, eating delicious food, enjoying traditional drinks, and participating in cultural exchanges.

The day was full of wonderful cheer, with the flag parade, cultural fashion show, and splendid entertainment to add to what was already an incredible trip around the world among the country tables.

Sixty countries were represented in the flag parade, where the youngest and oldest AISB student of each country got to hold their national flag. It was a beautiful display of color, symbols, and pride. Adding to the parade, the cultural fashion show highlighted the many fabrics, designs, and vibrant colors that are present in the national costumes of the cultures we celebrate at AISB. The entertainment was a chance for everyone to experience music and dance from around the world, and to see how the elements of each national costume are highlighted in movement.

Our entire community again came together to support those in need, this time raising awareness and funds for the tragedy that struck Nepal in the earthquake of April this year. A High School student group organized the Nepal country table, and together with donations from other country tables, 2,450 RON was raised to support those in Nepal, during our International Day. It was a true demonstration of the nature of our wonderful, helpful, and generous community.

Thank you and congratulations to all who helped with the organization, making this year’s International Day a huge success!