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Living On Kyiv Time

It doesn’t matter if it is 11:30 in Delhi, 11:00 in Tashkent or 7:00 in London – for us, it is 9:00, because we are all living on Kyiv Time and that is when school starts for us.

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TEDxYouth Returns to Tashkent IS

After a 3-year absence due to the pandemic, TIS was able to host its second TEDxYouth @TashkentIntlSchool on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Apoorva Panda, a grade 11 DP student, helped organize the event as part of her CAS project.

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Whole School Art Exhibition

Mid May TISA had whole school art exhibition! There was a real feeling of community as students shared their artwork and songs, dancing and acting with friends and families.

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The Next Step In Global Collboration: #CEESAconnects

A Vision of Learning With No Boundaries

CEESA leads educational transformation through collaboration. With the goal to collaborate continuously throughout the year, as well as to help educators from distant schools to connect and learn from one another.

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