Wednesday, 27 May 2015 08:08

Global Poverty Service Learning Project at A.S.W.

David Begbie from Crossroads international, based in Hong Kong, visited A.S.W. mid May to lead a service learning project about global poverty.

In groups of 10 students, from grades 8 to 10, participated in 10 minute sessions to experience what it felt like to be on the poverty line with little or no hope for the future.  

The families of 10 took part in a paper bag making simulation.  The students were engaged in making paper bags out of newspaper, and glue made from flour and water.  They then had to sell these to shop-keepers in packs of 10 at a time.  They cloud also trade their valuables.  The basic goal was to survive and the ultimate goal was to educate the children in the families.  They could get offers of charity in the form of courses in areas such as health and sewing.

If the families couldn’t pay their bills they were sent to live under the bridge.  Alternatively, they could loan money from loan sharks at high interest rates. Such a simulation allowed students to experience what millions experience every day, and often all their lives, and to think proactively about global poverty.

David Begbie and his two assistants then accompanied the sophomore service learning trips, which took part on Friday, May 22nd, advising A.S.W. on how to better strategically support service organizations.  

Sophie Skoczylas
(A.S.W. Teachers’ CEESA Rep.)