Wednesday, 16 October 2013 14:02

“Reading is Thinking” at the American International School of Budapest

During the weekend of Oct. 5-6, 75 teachers from the CEESA region were fortunate to participate in professional development at The American International School of Budapest led by two leading literacy experts, Debbie Miller and Stephanie Harvey.

Miller and Harvey have written extensively about reading comprehension and travel the world with the mission of helping teachers and students to read for meaning. Stephanie Harvey kicked off the weekend with a keynote address focused on passion and wonder. During this talk, teachers reflected about how to encourage students' sense of wonder and passion, as engagement is directly linked to achievement.

On Sunday, Debbie Miller focused her keynote address on "grit," the idea that "smart" isn't something that students are, but rather something that they get, through hard work and perseverance. As teachers, we can create learning environments and opportunities for our students to develop the resilience that they need to take ownership of their own learning.

In Harvey's grade 4-8 breakout group, teachers learned about strategies to support their students in non-fiction reading and inquiry in the classroom. In Miller's grades K-3 breakout group, teachers learned about the workshop approach to teaching reading as well as many ways to promote thinking while reading. Teachers left the workshop refreshed and inspired to try out new ideas with their students!