Monday, 15 February 2021 09:15

Self-Portraits in P2 - TISA

“A self-portrait is an intimate, bold declaration of identity. In her self-portrait, a child offers herself as both subject and artist. When we look at her self-portrait, we see a child as she sees herself. The story of self-portrait work is a tender story to tell.” - Malaguzzi, Musatti, Pelo

In P2, children create self-portraits as a way to express their individuality and creativity. As P2 students returned to school, they were excited to play with their friends, explore the classroom and share their ideas with us.

The children were invited to make their self-portraits with black markers while looking at themselves in a mirror. As they drew their pictures, each child reflected on how they have grown and changed since the last time they were in the classroom in October. They were happy and proud to share their work and to learn more about the friends as well.