Wednesday, 03 June 2020 10:29

From kindergarten to graduation at NOVA IS

This year, we decided to recognize those students that are graduating with us this June, and have been with the school since kindergarten. Here are the five students who have spent their whole schooling until now at NOVA.

Illayda. A part of Nova since Kindergarten, Ilayda proves one can be ambitious and committed without being assertive or the loudest; always willing to put in the extra work and time to do well and succeed, she has been a valuable asset in the NOVA Events Team.

Open minded, respectful and kind, she meaningfully engaged with her community through volunteering, be it the Red Cross or the Children's Clinic. Best of luck Ilayda and keep shining your light on people!

Ilayda's message to the other Nova students: 'Try not to stress out and just do your best.' She will be going to Jacobs University Bremen and majoring in Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology. 

Eva. Former gymnast and dancer, in her 13 years at NOVA, Eva has above all proven herself as a trusted friend and teammate. Whenever NOVA hosted CEESA tournaments, she lent her support, be it through cultural trips for visiting teams or photographing events.

Keep those team works skills and best of luck Eva!

Stefan. Who says a professional basketball player can't be an excellent IBDP student? Stefan brings the same passion, discipline and dedication on the court and in the classroom. CEESA Boys Basketball player, Special Olympics volunteer, Stefan is a caring, compassionate and engaged leader in his community. Best of luck Stefan and we'll miss you!

His advice: Do not procrastinate!  Study consistently and pursue your dreams. Major: Electrical engineering  

Julia. She may be the NOVA senior "baby", but is one of the most organized, reliable, and committed students.  A living proof that one can balance an ambitious AP workload with fun. A STEM enthusiast, CEESA Girls' Soccer Team Captain, MathCounts contestant, talented dancer and just there for every school event. Best of luck Julia and keep us proud!

Major: Biochemistry. University: Boston College. Julia's message for the juniors: Time management is the key to success, start your college apps early!  

Milka. Milka has a true love for data analysis; she possesses a true entrepreneurial, leadership and communal spirit. Involved, diligent, and creative, she has been part of all NOVA events for 13 years. Guitar player, Kangoo instructor, and a math and econ fan. Wishing you the best of luck Milka!

Milka' advice for the juniors: Dream Big! Don’t take “No” for an answer.