Wednesday, 06 May 2020 08:48

Globetrottin’ ADs Online Conference

Two CEESA AD/AC have been keeping busy on a global scale while on home office. In January, Nick DeForest (AIS Vienna) and Matt Fleming (AIS Budapest) have started their own podcast for International School Athletics Directors, Activity Coordinators and Coaches called the “Globetrottin’ ADs’.

The podcast and global network that it started lead has led to their own online conference.The conference, which was promoted through their website and podcast, was entirely on Zoom over two days in April and can came together all within 3 weeks.

There were 22 hours of workshops and sessions led by 30 different people from 17 different countries over the two days. Overall 200 different people from 92 different countries took part in the conference that not only shared information and expertise but gave a sense of purpose and connection to athletic directors around the globe during this very confusing and somewhat scary era.

The conference organization was not only Nick and Matt but also included two other friendly faces in Dave Horner (IS Belgrade) and Chris Mott (formerly of ICS Istanbul) who helped organize the sessions and the conference in general.

Anyone interesting in learning more should go to their website where you can find all of the podcast episodes and also all of the recordings from the online conference.

Up next for the Globetrottin’ ADs will be to continue recording more podcast episodes but also a Summer Conference Series. 

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