Tuesday, 18 February 2020 09:40

Aisv Took Part At The 7th Annual Ibdp Convention Of Lithuania

The 7th Annual IBDP Convention initiated by Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium seven years ago came back home this year on January 24-25th, 2020.

AISV has participated in all conventions organised by all IBDP schools of Lithuania (Vilnius Lyceum, Kaunas Jesuit gymnasium, Šiauliai Didžvaris gymnasium, Tauragė Versmės gymnasium), and has hosted two of them in 2015 and 2019.

The purpose of the conventions is to gather the IBDP students from across Lithuania in order to promote cooperation among schools. This year’s convention focused on self-awareness. The themes of mental health, time management, and self-reflection were central. T

he IB convention allowed the participants to share their experiences, meet new friends, and expand networking among each other by engaging students in a number of different activities including ice-breakers, group work, acting, art theraphy, morning exercising, brain battle, and individual and group reflections.

Teachers who escorted students to this convention also had a great opportunity to meet, have discussions and make plans for future cooperation such as annual job-a-likes, sharing experiences on social media and many more.