Tuesday, 30 January 2018 10:38

Stuck on Reading Challenge at AAS Sofia

On November 22 2017 all Elementary AAS students received a reading log from the AAS Library.

Students were challenged to read at least 20 minutes a day for 20 days. Each day they completed the challenge they used the reading log to note the number of minutes they read and receive a parent signature. To ensure maximum participation each reading log included 30 possible days - 10 extra days in case a student became sick or homework and after school activities made them too busy. While some students turned in their reading logs after exactly 20 days, the majority of students not only completed the full 30 days on the reading log but read 30 minutes, 45 minutes, even 1 hour 30 minutes each night.

At the end of the Stuck on Reading Challenge 117 students had participated and read more than 46,800 minutes combined! As a reward, students who completed the challenge were able to vote from a pool of 10 brave teacher volunteers. Once votes were tallied, a slow reveal followed. Each teacher's photo was placed in the Library and each day of the week leading up to the Stuck on Reading Finale, two teachers photographs were x'd out with tape. The day of the Finale, two faces remained - Ms. Vera the dance instructor and Dr. Fries the Elementary Principal.

At 2:30pm on Friday January 26, the entire Elementary school filed into the Balkan gym. After taking their seats and a generous drumroll, Ms. Vera, our winner, ran into the gym to thunderous cheering. Taking her place on a small blue stool I proceeded to call the names of the Stuck on Reading Challenge participants to report to the front of the gym and receive their piece of tape. After 30 minutes and many pieces of sticky duct tape, the small blue stool was removed, and Ms. Vera was stuck to a wall! 

As a follow-up during Library class, I have been asking the students for suggestions and comments about the event. So far, the response is enthusiastic. Students say they don't just want to complete the Stuck on Reading Challenge next year, they "want to do it again tomorrow!"