Tuesday, 30 January 2018 10:34

Swimming Tournament at Pechersk School International Kyiv

PSI hosts its first swimming tournament in the new school pool.

Another first at PSI in our brand new facilities!  On January 26th, 2018 Pechersk School International Kyiv hosted our first ever swimming tournament in the new aquatic facility.

The event was a great success and 80 swimmers competed in the Kyiv School Sports League (KSSL) Swimming Tournament. The schools competing included two of the CEESA schools - Kyiv International School and Pechersk School International Kyiv. The other schools included two local schools in Kyiv and the French Academy School of Kyiv. All the officials were from Pechersk School International and this was great practice for them to get ready for the CEESA Tournament in 2019.

The two CEESA schools were the stronger schools and their swimmers were able to practice their race skills in a competitive environment before going to Warsaw in March for the CEESA tournament.  There was a great atmosphere with all teams cheering each other on and the event was streamed and can be seen on Youtube.

James Spencer