Tuesday, 23 January 2018 09:42

American School of Warsaw Brings Smiles to the Refugees

The American School of Warsaw Theater Arts students perform to the refugee children.

On Friday, January 19th the American School of Warsaw eighth grade Theatre Arts students brought smiles and joy to thirty-four refugee children and their supervisors by bringing them into a silly clown world.

The Chechen refugee kids had a grand time, to cite the Master of Ceremony, Mr. Stein, and, by the way, their visit finished with everyone receiving a muffin treat and a real red clown nose! The eighth graders hope that the performance would keep alive the clown within each one of these children, no matter where their lives are going to take them.

One day they might be able to bring the kind of joy they have experienced during ASW show to their own communities. The 8th graders demonstrated wonderful talent and creativity! The theme of their clown sharing was based around one of ASW new ASW Core Values, “Bounce back when things don’t go your way!” This seemed like a perfect jumping off point for clowning, where things often (and purposefully) go wrong.

Each student has been allowing their own individual “inner clown” to emerge. The ASW clowns will soon hit the road and bring more smiles to others audiences, such as patients in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology.