Wednesday, 08 November 2017 10:18

Book Art Exhibition by 3A, 3B, and 3C Anglo-American School of Sofia

As a Librarian, weeding is an annual and necessary task.

Weeding old books allows students to more readily see titles that will interest and entertain them. Weeding also removes books that are in poor shape or have outdated information. What to do with these weeded books? After seeing a blog post on book art I started to investigate on my own and became inspired to go beyond donating or disposing of weeded Library books. Talks with Mariangela, the AAS Art teacher led to a project plan - an experiment - to see how 3rd grade could tackle the task of re-purposing (with respect and purpose) weeded Library books.

Before the interdisciplinary project started 3rd grade was working on Body in Motion in Art. They drew wooden mannequin men in movement using charcoal to practice observing and representing movement. Then, they worked in three dimensions, making clay and paper sculptures of people in motion.  This was solid preparation, giving students foundational skills, before considering the Book Art project.

In early October, students were given the task to “honor old books by giving them new life”1. The guiding theme was movement. Students looked at videos of ballet dancers, lightning, butterflies, surfing, and other activities in slow motion for inspiration. How could they capture movement using a static object (a book!)? The materials they used were paper clips, paint, colored paper/tissue paper, string, clear fishing line, glitter, glue, and their imagination.

The books they used were weeded books from the AAS Library (removed following the Texas State Library & Archives Commission M.U.S.T.I.E guidelines) that were in poor shape, contained misleading or outdated information, and/or did not meet the needs of the school. Hristina and Mariangela helped the students reflect on possible ideas for each different book depending on the topic of the book, its style, size and other characteristics. Students worked individually or in groups of two or three and had about 4 or 5 sessions to complete their artwork. Please enjoy the photos of the works in process and the finished book art!

Ardea Smith - Prek-12 Librarian
Mariangela Anastassova - PreK-5 Art
Hristina Keremidski - PreK-5 Art Assistant