Saturday, 04 November 2017 20:05

PSI Kyiv Phase 2 Grand Opening!

PSI opens the doors of its new state of the art learning facility.

The Grand Opening Ceremony of PSI’s brand new state of the art phase 2 building took place on Monday, 23rd October. Parents, honoured guests and staff members past and present were all invited to see the ribbon being cut to the new section of the PSI campus, which now offers our school 50% more learning space than before. The new section of the school comprises 4 science labs, a drama room, a music room, an auditorium, additional language classrooms, EC, a new cafeteria, a new gym and PSI’s very own swimming pool!

After a morning full of tours and celebrations led by the teachers, secondary students settled down to their very first assembly in the new auditorium where the theme was past, present and future. The auditorium space was then put into practice for the first time with an exciting drama activity, which challenged the whole group - both students and teachers! Students then finished off the day of celebrations with some sporting activities in the new gym.
But that was not the end of the celebrations!

The following Saturday saw the annual PSI International Evening event where PSI families organise their own stalls according to their nationality and cram them with all manner of food and drinks for staff, students, parents and other PSI community friends. This was a fantastic opportunity for one of PSI’s favourite whole school events to take place in the new building, which started with a parade of the nationalities of PSI families (including countries as diverse as USA, Israel, India, Pakistan, Australia and Ireland). A great time was had by all and it was a fantastic opportunity to wet the proverbial baby’s head!