Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:19

“Aspire – Women in Leadership” Retreat

Last March, CEESA organized the first “Aspire – Women in Leadership” Retreat as a post-conference in Sofia, led by Ms. Kathleen Naglee, the Director of the International School of Estonia.

Ms. Naglee started the CEESA Aspire program to create a network of support and educational programs to foster worldwide female leadership. This retreat helped women develop a powerful vision for themselves and a school community and challenged them through workshops of both body and mind to harness inner strength for future leadership.

As an organization we wanted to offer opportunities to inspire women to enter into top leadership posts in this region and the world. CEESA Directors appointed women from their schools who have shown the qualities of someone who can make it to the top.

Kathleen Naglee has spent the last few years encouraging women towards leadership positions within both the educational and business sectors through workshops, forums and keynote speaking. She has recognized that although women dominate education in various positions, there are very few women worldwide who make it to the senior position as the Head of School primarily do lack mentorship and sponsorship towards top positions in this sector.

The program was about defining women’s own vision of education and developing the skills to communicate that vision. Guided by Kathleen’s belief in a mind-body connection to fully comprehend a vision, Aspire Women experienced powerful energy, togetherness, and inspiration that took them on the road of discovery of their full potential.

In Sofia, Aspire Women set the foundation for the future development of this powerful retreat, so others will have an opportunity to join us next year in Prague!