Thursday, 02 March 2017 08:58

American School of Warsaw opens new Design Center

Studying design at Middle and High school level just received a boost thanks to the opening of a new purpose-built space.

Students attending the American School of Warsaw now have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, robotics and electronics, as well as to traditional workshop tools, in the newly completed Design Center – the only one of its kind in Poland.

Responding to the increased emphasis on technology and innovation in today’s world, the school decided to expand its existing design programs, as well as hire a specialist teacher from the US to lead the new center.

At the opening ceremony, center head Adam Campbell said ‘it’s a culmination of 18 months of planning, building and outfitting a center for innovation, problem-solving and design. We have set this shop up so that students can create anything.’

Students on the school’s design program are expected to identify an authentic design problem themselves, and then solve it through academic research, modelling, critical thinking and creativity. ‘Through this new type of learning, students develop vital skills like collaboration, innovation and resilience – the kind of skills that universities and employers are looking for’ said Mr. Campbell.

Students are also encouraged to design and manufacture tangible products related to work they are doing in other classes such as art, math and science. During one excursion to a local nature reserve, students identified a need for animal habitats to support local wildlife. They later will construct  these and donated them to the reserve. Students have also built model bridges and air powered rockets. The robotics club frequently attends international competitions.

A ‘School Maker Faire’ will take place on 27 April, in association with Make Magazine.

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