Monday, 21 November 2016 08:42

20 years TISA

International Day, among all the rest, is a day where the International Community comes together as one; celebrating individual uniqueness and sharing diverse cultures.

This year, International Day marked as well a milestone in TISA’s history: celebrating its 20th anniversary!

From an early planning stage, we wanted to combine elements of former International Days with our own, special Birthday Celebration. So much to prepare for: Assembly, activities throughout the day, areal photo, contacting former students and staff for a special Birthday video and last but not least presenting the new TISA Logo and web site to our Community.

07th October came and it greeted us with sunshine and warm temperatures the perfect backdrop to our party!

Our all school assembly started the day with a flag procession and various acts, including a video with birthday greetings from former staff and students around the world. And, finally, we unveiled the new TISA logo under a lot of cheers or our community.

Activities, representing the years 1996-2016 were offered during the day and a fantastic International Lunch, hosting more than 50 different nations showed our diversity. The atmosphere was incredible, everybody excited, proud to be part of a great celebration.

The math department had worked hard with our 9th and 10 grade extended Math students to calculate the shape 20 for our areal photo on our school field. No drone was available, so we had to take the photo from an angle from our TISA Gym which made the execution of the photo quite difficult. But several practical Math lessons in real MYP spirit on the field paid off and we managed to have over 600  students in a 20 for our unique photo.

Birthday cake for the whole school community and a flash mob brought the party to an end with students and staff still dancing on the field after wards.

Organizing such an event requires team work and the whole community coming together. This made our celebration a memorable event which will be remembered for a long time to come.

Happy Birthday 20th TISA!