Monday, 25 April 2016 13:19


On Saturday, April 16th, AISV hosted the 5th Lithuania-wide Multilingual Tournament.

Thirty four teams from more than twenty seven towns of Lithuania came to AISV to speak and use more than twenty languages by performing in five different assignments including impromptu speaking, language casino, sound recording of a short film, retelling jokes in three different languages, creative writing: story creation by using five words borrowed from other languages, and a homework task which is a 1-min presentation in any format by using a language which is not a language of the competition. The languages heard on Saturday were not only English, French, German or Russian which are the most commonly taught and learned languages in schools in Lithuania, but Polish, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Latvian, Esperanto, Finnish, Hindi, Kirgiz, Catalonian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Korean, Turkish, and Croatian.

The participants were Grades 9-12 students who formed teams of three each of them being able to communicate in no less than two non-native languages (the language of instruction at school like English at AISV did not count). There were students speaking three, four or more languages!

More than fifty evaluators of different languages and students volunteered to help at the tournament. More than ten partners and sponsors including the Ministry of Education and Science, Lithuanian Center for Non-Formal Youth Education, Education Exchanges Support Foundation, Education Development Center, Goethe Institute in Lithuania, French Institute in Lithuania, CSC Baltic, British Council, ISM University of Management and Economics, Book store Litterula, European Commission Information Center, and AISV supported this event.

AISV had two teams to take part in this event, and one team won the 3rd place, the other came to be the 8th out of thirty five teams. We are very proud of our students. 

This is a great tournament that allows AISV to connect with local populations of students and share our knowledge, values and talent.