Monday, 25 April 2016 13:07


AISV International film festival “I AM THE CITIZEN OF THE WORLD” for grades 9-12th students took place in the movie theater “Pasaka” (Vilnius) on April 15th, Friday, 2016.

The festival was initiated by three 11th grade students Greta Voverytė, Sofija Grabauskaitė and Vasarė Kripaitė as an IB DP CAS project. 

This film festival invited high school students to present their thoughts and different ideas on how they understood the theme in a free, creative, unique ways by choosing different time periods, aspects, etc. to provide the audience with great impressions. The movie could be of any genre (drama, thriller, comedy, documentary, etc.). In addition, short films of 3-5 minutes could be made in any language, however English subtitles had to be included. Students were encouraged to reveal their creativity, show their unique ideas and create simple stories. Moreover, students could act themselves, create their own music, scenography, etc.

On the day, the festival featured nine short films made by four local schools (Vilnius Lyceum, Vilnius Vytautas Didysis Gymnasium, Vilnius M. Biržiška Gymnasium, and Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium), and AISV. The films were judged by a jury, formed by professional film makers. 

The film “JUST GIVE ME A CALL” by Vilnius Lyceum students received The Best Screenplay and THE BEST FILM awards. The Most Unique Idea award was presented to Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium film “VENERA MARSO ORBITOJE”. The film TAIP (“YES”) by Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium received The Best Soundtrack award, and the film DIE SKAZKA by AISV (Arina Tembo, Matvey Chayeuski, Atrsiom Bedrak, Medina Wolf, Simona Eva Aušraitė, Marta Sudilovskaya) received two awards, The Audience Favorite and The Best Acting. The Best Cinematography award was given to Vilnius Vytautas Didysis Gymnasium for the film „IS OVER...“

The rest of the films featured valuable messages and were enjoyed by the audience of guests and Grades 8-11 of AISV: “KELIAS Į GYVENIMĄ“ by Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium, “TAKE A NAP“ by Vytautas Didysis Gymnasium, and two films by AISV “MEATLESS MARCH“ by Tracy Vavrova, Mantė Žygelytė, Darina Litvina, and Miisa Rantala, and “MOTS VOYAGEURS” by Karl Kukk, Amina Taieb, Patricija Glovackaitė, Virginija Vilkelytė.