Monday, 18 April 2016 06:51

Tisa’s Students Learning About Local School System

Integrating Spanish through local schools

Hello everyone, we are four students from the phase 3 and we have had a project with the other students in M3 Spanish that we would like to tell and show you about. On the 8th of February the M3 Spanish took a trip to a local Azeri school for our study of different school systems.

Before we went to the school we had been learning about education and school systems in Spain and we presented about TISA and a school from our home country. Due to the fact that Azerbaijan is the home country for our school we decided to learn about Azeri school systems.

That is the reason for our trip to the school. Before the trip we prepared questions about school in Azerbaijan and how it works. With these questions we interviewed student, teachers and the Director of the school. Since we had such a informative and good experience we wanted to invite them to our school.

Two weeks after our trip they came to TISA and learnt about our school system. We showed them around TISA and let them experience some of our classes and facilities. They did music; PE and Spanish class where they learnt how to play Samba, short tennis and information about TISA in both Spanish and English.  

Please look at our video.