Wednesday, 02 March 2016 14:05

AAS Sofia reaching out to Alumni

The 2015-16 school year marks a turning point at the Anglo-American School of Sofia with the establishment for the very first time of an Alumni Association.

As our school song states, AAS has been “a home away from home” for hundreds of people, through the almost 50 years since its establishment. With the Alumni Association we are extending the friendly and family-like atmosphere and inviting former students, staff and parents to reconnect with our school.

We wanted our members to be excited and proud to be a part of the Alumni Association, and know that they are a valued and unique part of the school, so we created a new visual identity for it in the form of a logo. The logo ties in with the logo theme of the school but reflects the concept of diversity and moving out of the school while reinforcing that the AAS campus is at the foot of Vitosha mountain and is a place our alumni are welcome back to.

Probably one of the most exciting achievements since we started working on the project is the launch of our Alumni Magazine. The first issue was published, in electronic format, in January 2016 and is filled with stories about past and current AAS projects, interviews with students and former teachers and pictures. We hope that next copy will feature some exciting articles from our new members.

Certainly, one event that will be covered in depth in the next issue of the magazine is our first reunion which was held in London, UK. Twenty former graduates attended a drinks and dinner event, hosted by the current AAS Director, Jim Urquhart, during the last weekend in February, with 3 flying in from Europe as well as many travelling from other parts of Great Britain to attend.

We are very excited about the Alumni Association and hope we will get a lot of Alumni on board in the next months!