Tuesday, 23 February 2016 08:47

Festival of Languages 2016

Mother Language Day celebration.

The tradition of celebrating Mother Language Day at TISA began in Secondary back in 2009 with a very modest celebration involving a small group of EAL students who shared their mother tongues with their homerooms. This year, using the theme of "Endangered Languages', over 300 students from P8 – DP2 attended 16 student-led workshops for the entire day. Workshops ranged from board games to cooking demos, basic conversations to karaoke, and the instruction was, for the most part, in one of the 16 showcased mother tongues.

The day ended with an assembly which included an interactive language game, two keynote speakers (Maori and Lezgi speakers), a Ukrainian song, a traditional Malay dance and a grand finale which was a multilingual mic with TISA students singing ‘Let it Go’ in 24 different TISA languages.

Rebecca Greenall
Head of Department EAL