Monday, 11 January 2016 09:29

The International School of Azerbaijan outreaches to local community

TISA Language department builds relationships with local restaurants.


A huge challenge many International Schools face is integrating units of work within the local community.  This is a big challenge in Azerbaijan. 

Our Languages department has been working hard in building relationships with local restaurants.  In the M5 French unit “Language and Culture” students visited on Wednesday the 16th of December “Paris bistro”. They had chance to listen to a presentation by the chief of restaurant Monsieur Thibault Bera and ask questions about French culinary traditions.

Mr. Bera talked about different types of French cheese and the other served dishes and desserts such as “Cuisses de grenouille”, “Crème brulée”, “Canard à la sauce de cerise” etc. The students were very pleased with the friendly ambience of Paris bistro and with French cuisine, of course!

Our French teachers Anar, Gullu and Gulnara deserve acknowledgement for making this trip possible.