Monday, 06 July 2015 09:23

The Dark Ages... Or Were They?

AISB Seventh Grade Humanities Unit Brings it All Together.

Seventh grade Humanities classes at the American International School of Budapest end each year with a unit on the Middle Ages. This unit allows the students to see all of the history units combined into one time period. Students must examine and analyze the drastic changes of the time, the adaptations of the people, and the effects brought on by those adaptations and changes. They explore the Fall of Western Rome, Viking raids, The Crusades, feudalism, castle architecture, and the Black Death, debating the pros and cons of each of these large events. What they soon come to find is that although knowledge may grow and advance in societies, human nature remains relatively the same across the spans of time.

The culminating event of the unit has the students celebrating at a medieval feast. Students take on the role of a feudal character, entertain their king and queen, enjoy a feast of medieval delicacies (utensils not allowed), compete in jousting competitions, and go to war (tug-o-war that is) for the glory of their kingdom. Overall, it is an educational and entertaining way to end the unit and the school year in Humanities!