Thursday, 11 June 2015 08:15

Celebrating Sportsmanship at AIS Bucharest’s All School Sports Day

Friday May 29th, 2015 was the All School Sports day at AIS Bucharest, in which all students, from Early Childhood 3 until Grade 11, participated in large group games that required collaboration, strategy, enthusiasm and a healthy touch of competitiveness.

At 8am, all students and teachers got together for an energetic Zumba® warm-up with Miss Alina and her squad of expert dancers, and together, they got everyone ready for the fantastic day of games and sportsmanship ahead.
The students joined their groups and followed their team leaders through a series of 13 exciting games, where the smallest children and the oldest ones worked together to overcome challenges. They were all wonderful advocates of the word: sportsmanship. They helped each other, they played fairly, and they built a community spirit like no other.

Some of the games were creative and active renditions of some board games, including Hungry Hippos and Cross the River. Angry Birds, became a real-life version of the ever-popular digital game. The Inflatable Slide was a hit among the younger students, and Hide & Seek was a great way to bring the inner child out of even the oldest students. Carnival games included the Duck Hunt, and there were many more games like Island Soccer, Balloon Space Man, Bullrush Dodge, and the innovated Tri-Athalon that required the students to work together to compete against their peers.

The cherry on top was the much awaited Vampire Dash, an extensive obstacle course that got the older students jumping up high, down on all fours, full of mud, running through caution tape, hosed down, and so much more, all with a grand smile. Our mascot, Vampy, was around for the whole day cheering our students on and beaming for photos with his biggest fans.

Thank you to our teachers Carla Bowles and Erik Custer for putting together this tremendous day that really highlighted the fabulous team spirit we have at AIS Bucharest. The support and work of all the teacher leaders was also magnificent and we are already counting down the days until next year’s All School Sports Day!