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Creating Global Partnerships and Portals for Your Classroom and Your Faculty by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

  • Shape global connections through strategic point-to-point learning opportunities that will engage your students.
  • Start and sustain global partnerships with sister schools and international organizations.
  • Develop curriculum based on global problems and issues that have local resonance.
  • Use social media for global research and development projects with your learners to be demonstrated in formative assessments. 
  • Participate in a global faculty and create personalized professional development

Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Heidi-Hayes-JacobsDr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Executive Director of the Curriculum Mapping Institute and President of Curriculum Designers, Inc., is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of curriculum and instruction having consulted  nationally and internationally on issues and practices pertaining to:  curriculum mapping, dynamic instruction,  and  21st century strategic planning.

She is the author of seven books, most recently, Curriculum 21: Essential Education for A Changing World published by ASCD and Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Standards  into Your Local School Curriculum with SINET in a new text and media format called LumiBook360.  Her publications with Solution-Tree, Leading the New Literacies: Digital, Media, Global , were released in 2014 (see attached for a full list of publications.)

Dr. Jacobs has worked with a range of organizations. In January, 2010,  Dr. Jacobs addressed  the United Nations Council on Teaching about the UN.  She has taught at Columbia University’s Teachers College in NYC from 1981 to the present. Dr. Jacobs has worked with the College Board, NBC Sunday Today Show, PBS Teacherline, the Discovery Channel, Children’s Television Workshop, CBS National Sunrise Semester, ASCD, The Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, New York City Ballet Education Department at Lincoln Center, Peace Corps, the National School Conference Institute, the Disney Company, Prentice-Hall Publishing, the Near East School Association,  ESSARP in Buenos Aires, East Asian Council of Overseas Schools, The Tri-Association of Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean,  Pearson Learning of Canada,  the International Baccalaureate, the European Council of International Schools, and state education departments.  She has been interviewed and featured in the New York Times, Educational Leadership, and Child Magazine, NASSP’s High School and National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” Broadcast.   Dr. Jacobs has published curriculum materials with Prentice Hall, Milton-Bradley, the Electric Company, and Bowmar Publishing.  ASCD features webinars and dvd’s focusing on Dr. Jacobs’ curriculum models.  She is featured on the world’s largest online professional development network, PD 360.

Her doctoral work was completed at Columbia University’s Teachers College in 1981 where she studied under a national Graduate Leadership Fellowship from the United States Office of Education.  Her master’s degree is from UMASS at Amherst and her undergraduate studies were at the University of Utah in her hometown of Salt Lake City.  The fundamental backbone of her experience comes from her years as a teacher of high school, junior high school, and elementary children in Utah, Massachusetts, and New York.  She is married with two adult children and lives in Westchester County, New York.

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