Transforming Teacher Capacity Through Professional Growth And Evaluation Systems

Presented by Dr. Fran Prolman

This two-part workshop will highlight the leadership, supervision and appraisal skills necessary for ensuring a highly competent teacher in every classroom in your school.

Part One will focus on the key components of an effective Professional Growth and Appraisal System:

  • the design standards
  • ways to minimize teacher anxiety and focus on growth and support
  • reflection tools for using multiple measures of student achievement
  • descriptive focused feedback for growth
  • Practical implementation of a teacher leader infrastructure, faculty buy-in, and how to facilitate a reflective cultural shift are also incorporated.

Part Two will focus on the practical application of the power of a Professional Growth System. Those applications include:

  • alternative sources of data collection for professional growth and reflection
  • skills for promoting professional coaching conversations for teacher skillfulness
  • ways to correlate the appraisal system with professional development models
  • Peer observation components
  • expansion of your repertoire for supervising underperforming teachers.

The workshops are designed as a pair, but stand alone as well. Both workshops incorporate research-based, engaging and interactive strategies for immediate use back in your school.

Problem solving and videotape analysis will be included in both workshops.

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