Teaching for Transformation: Instructional Strategies that Move Theory into Practice

This practical, kinesthetic, research-based institute offers dozens of instructional strategies to expand your teaching with a new level of intentionality. This institute will raise your consciousness, validate your current skill set, and expand your repertoire for immediate application in your classroom.

This institute answers the following essential understandings:

  • How do my beliefs about my role as a teacher and my students' role as learner guide the decisions that I make in my classroom?
  • What instructional strategies am I consciously choosing to expand rigor, higher level thinking, visible thinking and student reflection?
  • How do I build a pro-active management system based on student efficacy and goal setting?
  • How do I motivate students through relationship and team building, classroom climate structures and high expectations?
  • In what ways do I foster a culturally proficient classroom??
  • How do I use the backward design process of curriculum planning, assessment and learning experiences to intentionally address all of the above?

This institute is grounded philosophically by an even bigger essential question,"How do I ensure that my classroom instruction is consciously skillful on a daily basis?"

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