The Mission-­‐Driven School:

Realizing the mission in the day-­‐to-­‐day life of your school.
A hands-­‐on CEESA pre-­‐conference at the International School of Prague

This day of collaborative learning for educational leaders (heads, principals, curriculum, technology and teacher leaders) will have two distinct, interconnected parts. Through practical group work and sharing, the morning session will focus on harnessing the power of your school's mission. Participants will be asked to bring their school mission documents to the session and will work together in groups, focusing on the practical implications and potential power of the school mission in your school.

The afternoon session puts theory into practice, with participants focusing on one of the following chosen strands on location at ISP: Technology Integration, Project-­‐Based Learning, Standards-­‐Based Assessment or Learning Through Inquiry.

Morning session

Realizing the Mission: Dr. Arnie Bieber, ISP Director
Understanding the power of the school mission and how it can be leveraged to significantly impact
your school.

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the components of a compelling school mission?
  • Does my school's mission match, what we do? Are we "walking the talk?"
  • Should our mission be revised or changed? How?
  • Systems Thinking: How does an organization align itself to the mission and vision for the future?
  • How can a school truly align itself with its mission?


Afternoon Session

The Mission in Practice

Pre-­‐conference participants will sign up for one of the following four strands.

  • Integrating technology: Theory and practice of leveraging technology for learning
    Strand Leader: John Mikton, Director of IT and Research and Development
  • Project based learning: ISP Curator Project: Experiencing a project based unit with artifacts from the Lobkowicz Palace museum
    Strand Leader: Matt Hayes, MS Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
  • Implementing standards-­‐based assessment and reporting: Effective implementation of mission-­‐aligned standards-­‐based reporting in middle and high school
    Strand Leaders: Kevin Hawkins, MS Principal, Dr. Mark Frankel, US Principal, Tony Mobbs, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Practical strategies for building a culture of thinking and inquiry Using an inquiry framework in K -­‐ 5, Visible Thinking and other strategies and techniques
    Strand Leader: Dr. Cindy Vega, ES Principal

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