Micah Fierstein

Transformation through Collaboration: Building Leadership Capacity for Systemic Change: 3 Institutes, each institute is two hours.

The goal of these three conference institutes is for participants to discover and practice tools/frameworks that challenge educators to build their capacity to think and act in new ways. A different set of learning frameworks will be explored in each institute. The goal of each institute will be to help prevent others from falling inadvertently into the swamp of constrained possibilities. "Insanity is doing the same thing and hoping for a different result." – Albert Einstein

Saturday AM

Building Learning Environments for Systems Thinking

Participants will be introduced to, and experience cognitive tools/frameworks that help them interpret and act on challenges/problems from a broader "systems" perspective. This system thinking perspective helps teachers and students to view their actions as being impactful on the health and success of the larger institution (classroom or school). Instead of blaming others – one begins to ask the more powerful question: "How am I part of the problem and how can I be part of the solution? Playful and engaging activities will be the learning design for this institute. Participants will leave with practical information and practices that they can use as they problem solve with colleagues and students in their home schools.

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